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Events at Fairfield House 

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H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie’s 123rd Birthday Celebrations 

23rd -25th July 2015

On behalf of the Trustees & Friends of Fairfield House we would like to extend our thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who came to visit and support our 3 Day Celebrations honouring the 123rd Birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I. Over theere blessed with the presence of our Rastafari Family from as far as France, London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, amongst other cities, our BEMSCA Elders, Bathonians and new friends and supporters of our work here at Fairfield.

Day 1 saw the house filled with over 200 visitors and we were pleased to welcome The Mayor of Bath, Councillor William Sandry who joined a Nyabingi drumming session held on the front lawn. A big thank you to the Mayor for celebrating with us at Fairfield House. We look forward to welcoming him back again in the near future.

Beside local members of the Rastafarian community over 200 people had travelled from all over the UK and East Africa to enjoy exhibits, food and music as well as the religious celebrations in the evening all led by our trustee, elder & priest Ras Bandele Selassie.

Fairfield House a Trustee & Elder Ras Bandele and the Mayor of Bath, Councillor William Sandry

Fairfield House Trustee & Elder Ras Bandele and the Mayor of Bath, Councillor William Sandry

Day 2 – Despite the heavens opening up, a steady stream of visitors were given a guided tour of the house and viewed the documentary “Footsteps of the Emperor” by local Bathonian, Rastafarian, Filmmaker and Trustee of Fairfield Dr Shawn “Naphtali” Sobers. Who also gave a talk about the making of the film and held a Q&A session. As it was a working day at Fairfield, visitors were warmly welcomed by the elders from the Bath Ethnic Minorities Senior Citizens Association (BEMSCA).

Day 3 – We were overwhelmed with a surprise visit from over 100 visitors to Fairfield House. It was a beautiful day and thanks to our impromptu Guides Sister Pauline and Michael Auton.

Our celebrations ended with our Restoration Fundraising Show and Dance held at the MAlcolm X Centre, Bristol. It was a great evening headlined by Macka B with support acts – Sister Talibah, Ras Moqapi Selassie and Sun I Tafari. Sounds of upliftment were provided by Sir Coxsone, Wassifa, Baron, Roots Inspiration & Negus Melody with PA support provIded by Qualitex Sound System. Big shout out to our MC on the night Ras Madu.

Over 200 people danced and sang the night away before our celebrations were formally bought to a close.

We would like to thank all the trustees and volunteers of Fairfield House, BEMSCA staff and elders, the artists and sound systems who generously donated their services for FREE. A special thanks goes to Ras Jahmi from Wassifa who worked tirelessly to help make the show a success.

A big shout out to all the radio/TV stations that promoted our events – Ujima Radio, Bristol; People’s FM, Leeds; Peace FM, Manchester; Sting FM Birmingham; Conscious FM, London; Newstyle Radio, Birmingham, Radio Cardiff; and Wassifa TV.

To our Rastafari community and our guests and visitors (new and returning) who all helped to make our celebrations a huge success The Trustees & Friends of Fairfield House were truly honoured to welcome so many visitors to the House to mark this special occasion.

For more pictures of our 123rd Birthday celebrations please visit our Fairfield a House Facebook Page.


Fairfield House Welcomes Members of the Ethiopian Royal Family 

Prince Asfa Wossen Asserate & family members pay a private visit to Fairfield House

Prince Asfa Wossen Asserate & family members pay a private visit to Fairfield House


We were delighted to welcome Prince Asfa Wossen Asserate to the House on Sunday 19th July accompanied by members of his family.  His Royal Highness will be returning to the House on 3rd November to launch his book  “The Last King of Kings of Africa: The Triumph and Tragedy of Haile Selassie I”.






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Welcome to the Official website of Fairfield House, Bath, the former residence of 

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen Afsaw of Ethiopia.

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